Here are the items I did not complete (which haven’t been blogged about throughout the project:
Whomp, whomp, whomp

1. Leave a note giving someone completely random a nice compliment
2. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity Project
3. Donate 100,000 grains of rice on (800/100,000)- Ehh, at least I got a little bit done
8. Start to trace my family tree
11. Make a household inventory, including pictures and serial numbers, for insurance purposes
12. Transfer all of my paper files onto my hard drive, and then make a back up of all of my digital files
13. Organize and print digital photos, then arrange them in actual photo albums- I tried hard on this one and it was DAMN hard!
14. Throw a party with a clever theme
15. Go paintballing
21. Get Fenway some type of training, preferably in socialization
22. Take Fenway on five doggy dates (2/5) My poor pup needs some lovin’
23. Go grape stomping
24. Complete the local wine tour (one down)
25. Have a wine tasting party
26. Drink at 5 different breweries (2/5)
31. Have a go at mosaic making
32. Photograph a day in my life, and blog it
33. Enter a photo contest.
34. Complete the urban alphabet photograph project- I’ve got many letters, but not nearly enough.
35. Complete 100 snapshots (27/100)- I loved this project. I probably have a lot more than 27, but I’ll look into that later on.
36. Learn to knit (well, i know how to knit, but i need to learn how to start off)
37. Create a cookbook of recipes I’ve made up or were given to me
38. Mail a secret to Postsecret
39. Make a wine cork filled frame with corks of wine bottles i have shared. On each cork, write the date and occasion- I’ve got a bunch of corks, but somewhere my wine drinking declined
41. Make scrapbooks for all of the following: trips to VA, living in VA, college, HS, FEA trips
44. Sing in a concert, play or something of the sort
51. Go on a train ride
53. Get a world map and mark it somehow with places i want to visit and places i have visited
54. Take a completely impulsive, spur of the moment road trip
55. Do 5 “tourist-y” things in my city
58. Travel to 5 states I haven’t been before. (3/5)
59. Get a piece of writing published again
60. Write down childhood memories in a journal
61. Write a handwritten letter to my ten favorite living authors
69. Send 100 personal letters to friends. (14/100)
70. Read all of the current 194 books you have purchased, but not actually read. (14/194)- Yeah with school, I definitely read more. I just dont know where I left off.


Quite Overdue

Okay so it’s time to clean up my first 101 in 1001 blog. It ended on 10/1/11 and I began my second challenge the very next day. However, I have yet to upload the new list and comment on what I’ve completed… and more importantly, I’ve yet to update you on the total final status with this first 101 list.

Sigh. Oh how life gets in the way. One thing I’ve found is that when I update the blog regularly during the challenge, I’m more inspired to work on the items. When I’m not updating, I’m not usually working too hard at completing my goals.

Hopefully before the week ends, I can completely update this blog with how the whole project went for me…. It’s my goal!

so i can’t accomplish everything…

Alright, folks. I know I need to update., but tonight isn’t going to be the night I do so. However, you can get  little information out of me. Here are some of the things I won’t accomplish before this project is over.

19. Have at least 6 summer parties at my cottage
Well… I had 1 summer cottage party this summer. None in the previous two summers. I did attempt probably 3-4 more parties, but on the nights I had planned to have people over, it was raining, so I had a cookout at my house instead. There is no way I’m going to be able to  have 5 parties in the next three weeks, so lets just consider this a loss.

50. Take a girls only trip with friends
The same goes here. I didn’t plan on going anywhere with just the ladies. I did end up going with my best friend on a cruise, but that was by default, so it doesn’t count. This is going to be something I am going to add to the next list probably.

52. Send my parents on a trip
I’d love to be able to say I did this one. This will absolutely get added to the next list, but I couldn’t afford to accomplish this yet, and I don’t see it happening in the next few weeks.

64. Write a review of every single book i currently own
At the time I came up with this list, I owned 328 books. I’ve accumulated many more. I’ve reviewed none.

74. Attend 20 more red sox games
I attended 9 games during the course of this project. No, it isn’t as many as I would have liked, but I thought that was pretty decent for three seasons.

76. Get my teaching certificate.
Unfortunately I didn’t take the test needed for this. Maybe it will be a goal in the future, but I’m not sure.

77. Learn more American Sign Language
I also didn’t take any more ASL classes. I’d like to do this in the future!

81. Get Laser eye surgery
The funny thing was that I had an iLasik surgery scheduled for TOMORROW! I was supposed to get the surgery on 9/9, but due to some insurance stuff and costs, I rescheduled the surgery for February. This goal will definitely be added to the new list!

84. Either get a third tattoo or change/redo my second tattoo.
Yeah, that never happened, and I refuse to get a tattoo if I don’t sit on an idea for a while. Since I have no new ideas for any tattoos, I doubt I will be getting one in the next few weeks.

95. Ride in a hot air balloon
Never hopped on a balloon. Bummer.

96. Skydive
I really thought I was going to be able to do this one. It will 100% be added to the next list though, because I am pumped about it.

97. Ride an elephant
So I thought I would accomplish this one last weekend. My local zoo had a program where you could ride elephants, and since it was my birthday last weekend, I was going to go. Luckily I went on the website before I drove up there, because I found out they no longer do this. I was pretty sad. This will absolutely stay on my bucket list, but I doubt it will make it to the next 101 goals list.

98. Go to a planetarium
I guess I lost interest in this one a little. I mean, planetariums are fun, but I’m not going to try to make sure I make it to one by the end of the month…..


….I mean, I have a LOT I need to accomplish by then. 

shame, shame, shame

I need to update this. Tonight? Ehh, I’ll try…..

#29…One New Independent Business Per Month

This one goes back a few months….

November 2010– My first time at the Yardhouse in Dedham, Jake and Joes in Norwood and The Beauty Bar in Westwood

December 2010– Kings in Dedham, Sky Lounge in the Riv for the comedy show

January 2011– Not Your Average Joes in Dartmouth

February 2011– Chiazza Trattoria in Barrington

Biweekly Pics #43…From June 2010-February 2011!

June 2010

July 2010

August 2010

September 2010

October 2010

November 2010

December 2010

January 2011

February 2011

Am I Even Now?

I need to catch this 101 blog up to date. Here is my best shot…

#4– Send Flowers….I sent flowers to my friend Micaela and my Memere for their birthdays. My memere turned 100 this year!!!

#6- Donate Stuff… I dropped off two bags of clothes and  home goods about a month ago… So that brings my total up to 8 out of 10.

#71- Write a Love Letter...I’m going to consider this one complete. I wrote my boyfriend (yes, I have a boyfriend. wild, huh?) a few letters as part of his Valentine’s Day present.

#72– Go to Red Sox Spring Training…. well seeing as how Spring Training is going on right now and I’m not there and also that this project is ending in October….I failed yet again.

#74- Get this…I bought tickets to see the Red Sox EVERY MONTH this season! Ahhh! Which means I have tickets to 6 games this year. As of right now that means I need to either go with friends to extra games or buy some more tickets, because I won’t be able to make this goal if I don’t.

#88- Pay Off Credit Cards….Almost done. I’m down to just one more card. Depending on whether or not I need to have work done on my car, I will either be DONE in a week or two, or I will be done at the end of March. This is super exciting!