when to start?

well hello again! i guess its time for an update, even though i do not have very much to say…

originally, when i asked erik if i could join in on the 101 in 1001 project, my idea was to begin on january 1, 2009. i figured, with the holidays and all, i’d be busy and probably not put much effort into starting my goals. plus, we’re always more motivated to accomplish goals in the early stages, so i didn’t want to start out on the wrong foot. yesterday, i was getting so excited about starting the project that i had hoped to begin it today.

that won’t be possible.

i’m only at about 51 goals out of the 101. i think i’m trying to make them specific, while at the same time making sure i don’t forget anything. i’m actually worried i might be making these goals a little too hard to accomplish. but you know what, you’ve go big or go home.

so, who knows when i will start. i plan on absolutely starting the 1001 days on january 1st at latest. if i can finish my list before then, i’ll start before that date.

either way, i’ve got one exciting 1001 days in my future.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Christine on December 23, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    Can you not put up the part of the list that you have finished and then add to the list as you think of things? That way you have a little more time to think of the things that you really want to put on the list. You probably are not allowed to revise the list as you go along are you? That is what I would want to do.


  2. Posted by Erik on December 24, 2008 at 4:03 am

    Little Erin and new friend I guess,Hi! I would love for you to make a list and blog it. The idea, unfortunetly, is not an original one… it comes from Day Zero… here is the website: http://www.triplux.com/dayzero/…you cna get some pretty good ideas there and then you can have your list ready to go for the 1st. I would start maybe the 2nd after the hangover passes..but anyway.. kick it off with something really tough like a fast or a new workout plan, or somehting that is challenging for you. It is more rewarding that way. thanks for checking out my post! I do have to say that Im disappointed in your baseball choices but you can talk to Jaime if you wish about that he loves Boston and went to BC. I hate them! But please keep in touch and let me know when you post your list… #101 on my list is still not done yet. I need one more person to be inspired by my list.GOOD LUCK! KEEP IN TOUCH


  3. Posted by little erin on December 24, 2008 at 5:37 pm

    christine: good idea… i could post my “ideas” and then constantly keep changing them, until i decide to start, which may or may not be january 1st. i’ve been torn about the idea of revising the list. i guess it is something i will think about as time goes by, bu i don’t think i will want to change the list at all. erik, my new friend: i did happen to stumble upon day zero. i assumed either you borrowed the idea from them, or they borrowed it from you. either way- its a good idea many people are doing it. i feel really corny, but i am pretty excited about this! and regarding our baseball choices… it should make way to an interesting friendship come baseball season. i can play hardball… i love heckling non-red sox fans. and jaime must be a great guy if he went to BC and loves the sox. i won’t lie though, i am a little disappointed that i didn’t help you reeach your goal on your #101. damnit.


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