much needed update

well, well. i thought i would do a better job posting on here, but it looks as if i need some more motivation to complete some of my tasks, as well as write about it.
but don’t worry folks, i’m still here and i’m ready to rock my list. here are my updates:

#18: i visited a restaurant which i have never eaten at before. in fact, this is a new restaurant which just recently opened. in my recent trip to virginia, i visited still, a whiskey and tapas bar in portsmouth, virginia. the food was fantastic. my favorite cook in the state of virginia (ed) is the head chef, so i know there is no possible way i could have ever been disappointed in the food. but the atmosphere is great, the service is great…overall, i’m impressed.

#21: i’ve contacted a local trainer regarding getting fenway some doggy training. she’s a great dog, but its me who needs help. i need to learn how to train her. she’s trainable, but we need some help. so, now i just need to follow through and call the trainer back to set something up.

#28: this was an easy one for me while i was in va. independent restaurants i ate at: visited: the taphouse, marker 20, still, a w shucks, tortilla west, crackers, dog and burger. bands i saw in concert: rylo, my favorite boys. and since returning home from vacation i ate at trinity brewhouse.

#43: i actually remembered to take a few pictures of myself in january– or at least posed in pictures someone else took. i’m not home right now, but when i get back, i’ll find my biweekly pics and post them here.

#46: i’m going to buy something from an etsy store tonight too! i can’t wait. i fell in love with this item at the very beginning of my blogging. the artist had stopped making it for a while, and its now available again, so i can’t wait! i’m also going to buy a present for my best friend, which is why i am not being specific about my purchase… but i will post more later!

#63: weekly journal writing. i’m doing it. my entries are simple, but at least they exist, right?

#74: since spring training is just about to begin, i obviously haven’t gone to any of the 20 baseball games. i did however purchase some tickets in december, and received them in the mail! yahoo šŸ™‚ i’m so excited! i forgot how many games i have tickets too. i’ll check when i get home. yet another item i’ll have to wait to update you on.

that’s all folks!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Beamer on February 10, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    getting a lot done there! I’ve slacked on my list since the first few weeks. I’ll post it on my wall to keep it in my mind.


  2. Posted by little erin on February 11, 2009 at 2:37 am

    don’t worry- i was slacking too. thats why we are here- we can all motivate each other.


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