one of the goals in my 101 in 1001 was to take a picture of myself every two weeks so that when the project was complete, i could see the change in myself.

i thought it was important to take pictures when i look good or bad…happy or sad…pretty or messy, etc.

(i might have taken that idea a little too far with this first picture. i look like a mess, and i’m obviously unhappy.) this picture was taken at 2am during a blizzard. i could tell fenway needed to go to the bathroom (she’s usually completely passed out at 2am, so her pacing and running in circles was a pretty good clue we needed to go outside.) anyway, the snow was so high, that fenway literally sunk in it. it was up to her shoulders; therefore, she couldn’t move. i had to actually shovel a pathway for her. and then it probably took 20 minutes for her to go to the bathroom because she kept trying to dart back into the house cause she was frozen. i wasn’t happy.

this next photo i took right before i was about to get out of my car and go to my first ever graduate class. just like kindergartners usually get their picture taken on their first day of school, i figured that i needed to record that moment in time. i’m a little proud.


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