i have the feeling… that tonights gonna be a good night.

hello lovey doveys,

its 2010! i’ve got some big plans for this weekend when it comes to my 101 in 1001 challenge. i’ve taken a few urban alphabet pictures. took one or two pictures for my 100 pics project. got a great picture of myself to start off 2010 correctly (you know- in regards to my biweekly pics project) i’m also going to a brewery tomorrow and hopefully will be able to brew my own beer. cool, huh.

i’m feeling like my “blog resolution’ for the year will be to be more interactive with my blogs. as much as i loved my grace in small things challenge, it kind of sucked the life out of my blog. i feel like between that and the move from blogger to wordpress lost me quite a few followers. which is absolutely fine, because it isn’t my goal for either of these blogs- but still. i love new people. i love my readers. so i just want this all to be more interactive…

so to start this interactivity off, i’d like to ask you: what do you guys think i should be doing with my 101 list? i’m in the DC/northern VA area for the next few days. anyone from around here? are there any things you want me to do around here? any special pictures you want me to take? want me to pose like a statue for a biweekly picture?

so, let me know. and i’m up for anything.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’ve always wanted to check out the Korean, Vietnam, & WWII memorials, along with the Nat Cemetery.

    Also, what are the cherry blossoms lookin like at this time of year?


    • The vietnam and lincoln memorial are my favorites!!!!!!!! I’ve been a few times to DC but the last time I did the monuments I was like 8 so it was really nice to go as an adult. I didn’t do the vietnam yesterday. Korean was nice but would have been better at night. WW2 is also a fav but the water wasn’t on yesterday so there was really no point to go there. I’ve got some good pics to post. The cherry trees were 100% bare but gorgeous! I’ve got some excellent pics of those
      P.s. Thanks for the comments I’ve been feeling insecure and lonely over here.


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