just little ol’ me checking in

update time:

#22- i took fenway on a “doggy date”…aka i took her to work, lol. she hurt her hip and i didn’t want to leave her home alone, so i took her to work. it was like “bring your kid to work day!” my little puppy is a very good worker 🙂

#62- did i actually write in here that i failed NABLOPOMO for the month of january? cause i did 😉

#66- I FINISHED ANOTHER GOAL! my grace in small things challenge is complete. for 365 days in a row i listed the stuff i was grateful for on my other blog. i was actually glad to complete this goal; it was kind of draining me. its funny how normal it became for me though, every day i seem to notice more and more of things i should be thankful for.

#69- i’ve actually written 13 letters to friends! i’ve written another to EP, another to sarah, another to lauren one to both my brother and his wife, one to my friend monica, one to nicky and one to my friend chris. (i think that i named everyone!)


3 responses to this post.

  1. Gahhhh, I keep forgetting to write to youuuuu.


  2. so when will your 1001 days end? keep up the good work.. i like how you made and organized your 101 things to do.


    • thanks 🙂 it will end at the end of 2011. off the top of my head, i can’t remember if it ends in october or november of 2011 but sometime around there.


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