this blog needs pictures…

…but unfortunately we are going to have to wait to see any of those pictures until the next post 😉

#6- i donated one more bag of clothes and household stuff to charity, so that makes it 6 bags donated out of my goal of ten!

#9- organize bills and stick with a system. i’m going to go ahead and mark this as complete as i am all organized and keeping my bills up to date.

#28- i’m not even going to waste your time and mention all the places i’ve been in the past month or two. basically i’ve been to many places for wedding and baby showers. i’ve eaten out at a bunch of place, drank at a couple places, bought dresses at a couple places, etc. even though there is barely any money in my pockets, i sure as hell have been doing some spending. so lets just consider this up to date!

#29- one new to me independant business per month.
i’ve got some serious catching up to do with this goal. here goes:
may- hawthorne country club for my bestie’s wedding.
april- aspire- a new restaurant we went to for girl’s night.
march- ames pub- a new bar that we went to for michaela’s bday where all the signature drinks are named after literary figures.
february- i cannot remember the name of the place for the life of me, but i went to a local hall/restuarant for a friend’s wedding shower. it was called something so simple, like The Veteran’s Hall, but it wasn’t a VFW. i just can’t remember the name!


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