before i forget…

I forgot to mention a few other things in my last post…

#47: I FAILED, yet again! I never got the time capsule thing going. I got a few things together, and planned to COMPLETELY finish it by the time I turned 26, but here  I am a few weeks later and nothing has been done since last year. So I figure I will maybe have another go at this when I turn 30 or something, but for now we can consider this item as another fail.

#42: I also need to get started with my year long “mixtape” selections for you, because I only have about a year to go! I guess this goal will help me stay on track with posting on here, so that’s good. Technically, I only have to post one song a week, but if I’m feeling wild and crazy I’ll post more. This week, my favorite song is ” Hey, Soul Sister” by Train. Yes, I understand it has been out for a while now, and its a bit over played, but whenever I hear it, I feel super happy. As much as I love music, not that many songs have this kind of effect on me.  So yay! we officially have a song #1!

#82: I signed up to walk in a 5K! Yay 🙂 My brothers-in-law are actually contestants from The Biggest Loser and they are sponsoring their 3rd annual BW5K. Every year I say that I am going to do it, and I never do… but not this year. So far, I’ve already taken the day out of work and registered online.. which pretty much solidifies my attendance as long as the weather cooperates.


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