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Here are the items I did not complete (which haven’t been blogged about throughout the project:
Whomp, whomp, whomp

1. Leave a note giving someone completely random a nice compliment
2. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity Project
3. Donate 100,000 grains of rice on (800/100,000)- Ehh, at least I got a little bit done
8. Start to trace my family tree
11. Make a household inventory, including pictures and serial numbers, for insurance purposes
12. Transfer all of my paper files onto my hard drive, and then make a back up of all of my digital files
13. Organize and print digital photos, then arrange them in actual photo albums- I tried hard on this one and it was DAMN hard!
14. Throw a party with a clever theme
15. Go paintballing
21. Get Fenway some type of training, preferably in socialization
22. Take Fenway on five doggy dates (2/5) My poor pup needs some lovin’
23. Go grape stomping
24. Complete the local wine tour (one down)
25. Have a wine tasting party
26. Drink at 5 different breweries (2/5)
31. Have a go at mosaic making
32. Photograph a day in my life, and blog it
33. Enter a photo contest.
34. Complete the urban alphabet photograph project- I’ve got many letters, but not nearly enough.
35. Complete 100 snapshots (27/100)- I loved this project. I probably have a lot more than 27, but I’ll look into that later on.
36. Learn to knit (well, i know how to knit, but i need to learn how to start off)
37. Create a cookbook of recipes I’ve made up or were given to me
38. Mail a secret to Postsecret
39. Make a wine cork filled frame with corks of wine bottles i have shared. On each cork, write the date and occasion- I’ve got a bunch of corks, but somewhere my wine drinking declined
41. Make scrapbooks for all of the following: trips to VA, living in VA, college, HS, FEA trips
44. Sing in a concert, play or something of the sort
51. Go on a train ride
53. Get a world map and mark it somehow with places i want to visit and places i have visited
54. Take a completely impulsive, spur of the moment road trip
55. Do 5 “tourist-y” things in my city
58. Travel to 5 states I haven’t been before. (3/5)
59. Get a piece of writing published again
60. Write down childhood memories in a journal
61. Write a handwritten letter to my ten favorite living authors
69. Send 100 personal letters to friends. (14/100)
70. Read all of the current 194 books you have purchased, but not actually read. (14/194)- Yeah with school, I definitely read more. I just dont know where I left off.


i guess all i seem to do is drink and eat

i’m kicking ass and taking names.

7) address book issues: well, i’ve officially taken my old, nasty, worn down address book and entered all the information into my computer. now its just time to buy or build an address book/holder of my own.

18) i’ve completed another item and it feels glorious! my goal was to eat at 20 new to me restaurants, and i did! i went to the melting pot in providence in the end of december (the 28th or 29th) with mrs. emerson, who not only is one of my best friends, but my old roommate. after going there i decided i want to cook all the food i eat for the rest of my life in boiling liquid although i won’t because it is not practical and then the twentieth restaurant was la tasca in alexandria on new years eve with sa, jim and amy. it was yummy in my tummy. both places were. i get so excited when i finish an item! i’m actually going to keep working on this item because i liked it so much. i will consider it complete for the 101 in 1001 challenge, but i want to see how many new-to-me restaurants i will actually go to.

26) another goal was to drink at 5 different breweries. i planned on going to one with friends while i was on vacation in VA. we decided on the shenandoah brewery in alexandria. well, we went and while i can tell you it seemed like a cool place, i can’t tell you much else. you see, they claim that its a place you can go and hang out and eat and drink while you wait for your turn to make beer….  but that just didn’t happen. we were there for almost 45 minutes waiting for something to happen. no one came over to us and took our order or asked us if we were feeling the itch to brew some beer. and when we went to the bar, we were told they’d be with us “in one second” and just flat out ignored us the rest of the time. maybe the just didn’t like northerners. and there were 4 out of 5 northerners there, so…who knows. anyway- since i didn’t get the whole brewery experience, but did spend some time there, i decided to consider it 1/2 a visit. i managed to go to another “brewery” called Hops that day, so i’ve technically knocked one whole brewery off this goal. the second place we went was more of a restaurant than a brewhouse, but the beer sampler was super cheap and the beer was pretty darn good. plus they had a beer with ‘alligator” in the name, and we all know how much i love gators 😉