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Biweekly Pics #43…From June 2010-February 2011!

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been a while since you’ve seen my face.

i desperately need to update goal #43 (to take a picture of myself biweekly- or at least twice per month). the last post i did was a picture from 10/1/09! here goes…

this lovely photo right here is from a halloween party we had at work. the pic is lame i know, but it was the only one i had from october that was at the end of the month.

this photo below is from my friend trish’s bachelorette party. i was dancing some random OLD man who worked at the club came up behind me and started dancing with me. Umm, NO.

this photo was taken at brown university’s grad student bar where they have FLORIS APPLE! yummm.

the following two photos were taken at trish’s wedding on 12/5. it was so beautiful and so much fun (as i’m sure you can tell in the second photo).
this photo was taken at the end of december… on new year’s eve to be exact. i was at the hotel monacco in alexandria, va. loved it!

this photo was taken at a brewery we stopped at in virginia. i can’t remember whether it was in ashburn or alexandria.

this photo was taken in support of my blogger girls at the end of january. team pink 🙂

obviously i was in relax mode. sigh. the things i share on this blog! oh this was in february.

this is what it looks like after i drink strong liquor occasionally. this photo was taken the day after i got accepted into my first graduate school, so we were celebrating.

beginning of march getting ready with toni for sarah’s wedding.

baby ella is finally here! she was born on march 20.

holly’s bachelorette party at foxwoods. hate my bangs in this pic. i wish someone would have fixed them!

taking hol to a red sox game at the end of april. we had front row seats in the bleachers and a guy proposed to his gf right on the side of us! again, what is going on with my bangs?

holly’s wedding! perfect 🙂

sarah’s bachelorette party on the party bus!okay, now my goal is to keep up with this! i promise 🙂

its been a while since you’ve seen my face

IMG00029-20090816-2323this picture (above) was taken at some point in the end of august. i was just coming back from a nightime beach party and it was a wonderful time.


this picture was me…on my birthday…. at one of my favorite restaurants in virginia

va 104

this picture was also taken on my birthday. amy and erik made me a little birthday cake. and i was so excited. i never got a picture of me blowing out my candles on my 24th birthday so it was important for me to get one on my 25th!


this is me and melissa, mrs. garcia’s soon to be sister in law and my fellow bridesmaid! it was taken at the shower on 9.19.09



and finally, this one was taken on 10.1.09 (can you tell) it was the first time trisha and i went to a red sox game together. and we could sing sweet caroline together!!!

AUGUST photos

here are a few updates to the biweekly(ish) picture goal…which off the top of my head i believe is #43

this one below is at my brother and sister in laws house. we were making a brownie cake for our soon to be sister in laws bachelorette party, and i was chilling on the kitchen floor with my pup fenway and their dog hope.


below is a picture of me at the wedding. taken by the brides 3.5 yr old niece.
another picture of me taken at the wedding by my dad.

here is one at the wedding taken by my best friend. i’m singing a duet with my father actually.
and sometimes he makes me giggle. (aka i mess up the lyrics)

people AND animals like to pose with me

just a few more pictures to add to my biweekly(ish) pics, aka goal #43
the two below are at my friend gene’s 30th birthday party on 7/19/09. the first one is of me and a good friend, nick. and the second one is me and my friend krista holding the party down, aka being one of the last few to be there when it was REALLY time for bed!(i had to change my clothes because i got thrown in the pool… yes, its true. good thing i had a change of clothes with me, because that was a white dress!)

and these two are from this past friday 7/31/09. the first one is at mystic aquarium…the bird is on my stick! and the second one is across the street from mystic pizza. the whale and i are besties.


i guess i’ve been drinking since the beginning of june…

ola, here is another brief update for y’all. here are a few of the biweekly(ish) pictures that have been taken in the past month or so. i’m sure i’ll have one or two more, but i’ll just wait to upload those and add them to my next larger update.
this first one was taken on 6/9/09 when i went to that bar in bristol with my friend larry. drinking a beer, watching the ball game, lost in thought. NOT aware a picture was about to be taken!
these next two were taken on 6/19/09 at the new kids on the block concert. i had a drink or two, and i’m sure i thought i looked cool at the time….

this is a more recent picture taken at the bar my friend hol works at. i’m always telling her i will stop by and visit her after work, but because i am a huge jerk… i never do! so this night was 7/11/09 and i had a couple drinks with amy, ryan and jay. i had a great time, and am really going to try to remember and stop by more often.

and here are more…

… updates/pictures i promised you.

#34 urban alphabet:





#39 work on making my own wine cork board:
here are a few pictures of the moments i got corks to use in my future wine frame!
i did get two corks from the cruise i went on, but didn’t take any great pictures of the moments.
the next one i did take a picture of. me and a few friends pregamed at the new kids on the block concert. this is sarah giving me the cork before we went into the concert.

then these following two are from sarah and jim’s engagement party. and yes, that was a “shot” of wine. wild

and finally i got another cork this weekend at my friend’s 30th birthday party. yet i have no good pictures to include.
#43 my etsy purchase:
this is the ring i bought from erin on etsy. i love, love, love it and get so many compliments on it all the time!