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update time!

well, i haven’t purchased it yet, but i found an address “box” i really like. maybe i can hint at getting this for a christmas present from someone. i don’t think i want the exact colors, etc. but for the most part, this is what i am looking for.

so the goal here is to frequent 20 “new-to-me” restaurants before the end of this project. and because i really like this goal, it’s almost done! i’ve actually finished 18 on goal #18! fun. because i’ve already written on a few of them before, i’m just going to list them here:
1) jackie’s galaxy in rhode island in august
2) yorgos in virginia in the beginning of september
3) lusitanno’s in massachusetts in mid-september
4) cafe dolce vita in rhode island in mid-september
5) caravellas in massachusetts in beginning of october

frequent local businesses, artists, etc.
well, everything above in goal #18 counts here… also, i’ve went to like 4 local restaurants while i was in virginia, as well as norfolk wholesale where i bought all the flowers i used for my friend’s wedding. then i went to a sushi place i like in the area and also brought my puppy for her annual checkup at the vet’s office. oh, yeah… and i went to the dentist. (ugh)

well, i already finished this goal, but just to update… i’m going to perform in another monologue show! yay! it will take place in november. i’ll be sure to share more details or pictures if i can.

shop more on etsy. well, i’ve purchased a few wedding gifts on etsy which i adore. i’ll try to take a picture of one and post it on here soon. but i don’t have anything yet. i’ve also been working on building a shop, but i think it’s going to take me a while to get there.

sigh…my time capsule. i don’t really know what to do about this- consider it a fail, or be lenient with myself? i didn’t get it finished before i turned 25, but i def. got started with it. i’m thinking i might extend it to be finished by the time i’m 26. that way it fully encompasses my whole first 1/4 of a century of living. any suggestions? is this fair?


i’m an addict

oh boy.

so i figured i would get started on # by taking some “before” pictures. i figure i should probably inform you that i am a huge fan of home decorating. i also take pride in my awesome interior designing skills. but be aware…. these pictures will prove otherwise i guess!!! ugh. i hate how messy it looks! when i first got my bookshelves, i started arranging them so nicely, and i kept all the books that needed sorting in boxes. but then i got sick of the boxes littering my office so i just threw the books in the bookcases, and unfortunately this is what it has looked like for a few months.

not cool.
oh, well. this is going to be my goal for the next few days. i really want to organize these shelves and catalogue my books. then i can get started on my reviews.
i know i currently have “194” books to read (yes, i bought 194 books that i’ve yet to read. shame on me.), so i think clearing out and sorting my books will help me get started reading. i’m hoping to make a list of those 194 books so i don’t miss any along the way.
my conscious is killing me. i need to fess up. I BOUGHT MORE BOOKS!!!! I’M AN ADDICT DAMNIT!!! i know i said i was going to wait and not buy books until i had a good chunk of the 194 read, but i couldn’t help it.
the monologue show i was in this weekend (#45) was held in a bookstore, and there was such a great selection of books for soooooo cheap!!! i couldn’t help myself! i didn’t count my new selections, but i’m guessing its about 15 more books. i’m going to be reading quite a bit!
i finished naked, by david sedaris. it is a great book. he’s a funny and captivating writer. but augusten burroughs is still my main man. if you haven’t read him, then you’re living a life void of wonderfulness. okay, well maybe you have a wonderful life, but still…read him. you’ll thank me later!

when are you going to roar?

i’m crossing one item off my list. As of tomorrow, I will have completed #45!!!

I am preforming in a monologue show called everything’s possible on friday, saturday and sunday.

my friend kevin recently wrote every single monologue which will be preformed. and i honestly believe i have the absolute best piece! its also one of the longest which makes me nervous. i timed it: 10 minutes! who can remember 10 minutes of a memorized speech??? yikes!) honestly, though. its a beautiful monologue. i teared up when i read it the first time, thats how powerful it is. its titled when are you going to roar? its about a wife who is frustrated and fed up with her husband. he is an artist who is living in a “black hole” of depression since she had a miscarriage.

i love, love, love the monologue! yayayyyyyy to me!