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i guess it is about time

ola, amigos!
here is a quick update for you:

#56: I’ve finished another item! I went to another Cirque Show… two actually! Cirque Dreams- Jungle Fantasy was at Foxwoods, and I was able to get tickets for one show extremely cheap and then the other show was free! So within one week, I went to two shows 🙂

#88: I’ve also been doing real well at paying off credit cards. I should be debt free (card debt free) by 12/31/10! After that my only debt is a car and school loans. But seeing as how I just started school, I technically don’t have to start paying until 2012-2013. So in all honesty, I’m not even factoring that in right now. And the car should be paid off sometime in the spring of next year :)! So that in essence means I will be super duper debt free!