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so i can’t accomplish everything…

Alright, folks. I know I need to update., but tonight isn’t going to be the night I do so. However, you can get  little information out of me. Here are some of the things I won’t accomplish before this project is over.

19. Have at least 6 summer parties at my cottage
Well… I had 1 summer cottage party this summer. None in the previous two summers. I did attempt probably 3-4 more parties, but on the nights I had planned to have people over, it was raining, so I had a cookout at my house instead. There is no way I’m going to be able to  have 5 parties in the next three weeks, so lets just consider this a loss.

50. Take a girls only trip with friends
The same goes here. I didn’t plan on going anywhere with just the ladies. I did end up going with my best friend on a cruise, but that was by default, so it doesn’t count. This is going to be something I am going to add to the next list probably.

52. Send my parents on a trip
I’d love to be able to say I did this one. This will absolutely get added to the next list, but I couldn’t afford to accomplish this yet, and I don’t see it happening in the next few weeks.

64. Write a review of every single book i currently own
At the time I came up with this list, I owned 328 books. I’ve accumulated many more. I’ve reviewed none.

74. Attend 20 more red sox games
I attended 9 games during the course of this project. No, it isn’t as many as I would have liked, but I thought that was pretty decent for three seasons.

76. Get my teaching certificate.
Unfortunately I didn’t take the test needed for this. Maybe it will be a goal in the future, but I’m not sure.

77. Learn more American Sign Language
I also didn’t take any more ASL classes. I’d like to do this in the future!

81. Get Laser eye surgery
The funny thing was that I had an iLasik surgery scheduled for TOMORROW! I was supposed to get the surgery on 9/9, but due to some insurance stuff and costs, I rescheduled the surgery for February. This goal will definitely be added to the new list!

84. Either get a third tattoo or change/redo my second tattoo.
Yeah, that never happened, and I refuse to get a tattoo if I don’t sit on an idea for a while. Since I have no new ideas for any tattoos, I doubt I will be getting one in the next few weeks.

95. Ride in a hot air balloon
Never hopped on a balloon. Bummer.

96. Skydive
I really thought I was going to be able to do this one. It will 100% be added to the next list though, because I am pumped about it.

97. Ride an elephant
So I thought I would accomplish this one last weekend. My local zoo had a program where you could ride elephants, and since it was my birthday last weekend, I was going to go. Luckily I went on the website before I drove up there, because I found out they no longer do this. I was pretty sad. This will absolutely stay on my bucket list, but I doubt it will make it to the next 101 goals list.

98. Go to a planetarium
I guess I lost interest in this one a little. I mean, planetariums are fun, but I’m not going to try to make sure I make it to one by the end of the month…..


….I mean, I have a LOT I need to accomplish by then. 


well i’ve got some work to do

ola amigos
ready for an update?
#3: today i went on and used my knowledge to done 500 more grains of rice. which means so far i have donated 500 of my proposed 100,000 grains of rice. i’ve got a while to go.
#6: my mother so very nicely dropped off my 2 bags of donated goods to the salvation army. (thanks mom!) i’ve still got like 2 more bags to organize and i plan on dropping them off this coming week.
#10: i actually have been organizing my bookshelves. i still have more books to get in there, BUT i actually broke one of my shelves because i have too many books and it was too heavy! ugh. go figure! so hopefully i can finish it this evening, and maybe i will be able to add some pictures tonight too. after i finish then i am going to have to catalogue all my books. yikes. i don’t promise to get that all done this week though.
#18: i did go to another “new to me” restaurant with some of my classmates after class last week. we went to ixtapa which is a mexican restaurant near school. they have excellent sangria there! yummmm.
#21: i’ve done some more research on training for fenway, and found an affordable place to get fenway her training. i just need a little more info and then i am definitely registering her. it will start when i get back from my cruise. i think it starts the end of june.
#28: support local artists: i got my haircut on friday- nothing too exciting because i’ve got a few weddings to be in soon- i don’t think i have included her in this category yet. i’m also hoping to go to a zox concert next weekend. i haven’t seen them in a while. so i’m pretty excited.
i’ve been to a bunch of independent businesses so far. i mentioned above ixtapa, my
hairdressers, my nail salon. i didn’t mention this before (i think) but i consider my business for april would be the book sale i went to at a local library. i actually attended on may 2. but i was originally planning on going april 29, but they opened a day later due to some organizing problems. and i couldn’t make it until the 2nd. so that counted for april. i’d say my major business this month would be the mexican restaurant, ixtapa.
#34: i’ve got a few pictures to put start off my urban alphabet project. this is something i really haven’t kicked off. so i need to work a little more on capturing the alphabet in what i see.

#35: i’ve got a few more pictures for the 100 snapshots project.
(i know i already did desk, but this is just another one.)

#39: i’ve got my second cork for my frame project. it was nothing special. i’ve had a bottle of cabernet savignon i’ve been wanting to try for a little while so i opened it up myself the other night and had a glass while i watched a movie. and guess what. the wine was notttttt good. ha.
#43: i’ve got a new picture for my biweekly pictures.
#47: i’ve decided to start my time capsule project as soon as i get home from the cruise. i want this to be my main goal priority (well along with my GIST project and weekly journal entries!) my 25th birthday is september 5 and i would actually like to “seal” the capsule before my birthday. i will be in VA for my bday, because two of my closest friends are getting married the day after. so instead of prolonging this, i’d like to have it done before i leave. i’m thinking of heading down there on the third possibly. so i’d like to be finished by september 1st, or the 3rd at latest. anyway. i’ll get back from the cruise on the 6th of june, so it gives me less than 3 months to get myself a quarter of a century time capsule. hollur.
#49: my cruise is in 12 days. incredible! i cannot wait to go!
#63: the journal writing is going well. i’ve completed week 20 this weekend. i’m absolutely bringing my journal with me on vacation and i am going to try to write once a day.
#64: since i have almost finished organizing my bookshelves then the next goal i can start on is writing a book review for every book i’ve read (or at least all the books i own). i do not plan on doing all of that at once. one book at a time. i just think i will be able to get a good bunch done this summer.
#66: i just did grace number 67 this morning about my singing life.
#67: i realized i did “join” a writing group. we are called the artichoke writers. its an inside story. it consists of most of my grad class and we’ve already planned the first ever artichoke festival this summer. i’d still like to actually start a reading group and have everyone read a book a month and possibly get together and discuss the book? i watched a movie i really liked last month about a reading group and i think its a great way to read/communicate. but in a sense whether i start a reading group or not…this is another complete item!!!
#69: i’m going to start working on my 100 personal letters to friends while i am on my cruise tanning by the pool!
#70: another goal for vacation is reading a few of the books i own but haven’t read before.
#74: i went to my second red sox game of the year on 5/8. my brother and i actually took my mom because it was her bday that day! and we took my other brother whose bday was in april. it was nice. the ride home was torture cause the boys were cranky and we were STUCK in traffic FOREVER! we won though. my mom was so excited because she has always left before the game ended, and we stayed the whole game. so it was really nice to see her so happy.
#88: obviously i am still kicking ass at paying off my credit cards. although i’m a huge asshole and i’ve bought way too much shit for this cruise that i don’t really need. oh, well. at least i will look hot. and i can’t be too mad at myself. i’ve done a good job getting things at great prices.
#90: yes, i am keeping my budget up to date. it keeps me on track.
#91: and yes, still paying off my car. i do it once a month so i doubt i’m going to keep mentioning it in my updates, lol!

#93: i know i am going to get teased about this one, but… i’m going to look into writing out a “living will” before i go on my cruise. just in case. ha that sounds so morbid, but you never know. its not like i have anything i need to give away…just the security of knowing my medical wishes, etc will be respected. you never know. its never too early to get these things in order!

there are also some things i want to get started working on while on vacation. i know i mentioned most before, but here is a quick round up. #18– eat at restaurants i have never been to before. #26- hopefully i can go to the gordon beirsh brewery in miami. #32– i’d like to photograph a day in my life while on the cruise and then do it again when i get back. i think it would be fun to compare “vacation erin” with “normal erin”! #34– i would love to work on the urban alphabet project while out of america. i think it would be so cool to get some letters in places i may never go to again. #35– i’ll hopefully also be able to take some of my 100 pics while on vacation for the same reason. #43– i’ll get a picture on vacation for my biweekly pictures. #69 i know i mentioned this but i’d like to send some personal letters to friends. and #70 also read some of the books i own. damn this all seems like a lot to do. but i think i’ll be okay.
phew. that was a lot of typing. i cannot wait to update after the cruise. hopefully i will have some pretty darn fantastic pictures!