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this blog needs pictures…

…but unfortunately we are going to have to wait to see any of those pictures until the next post ūüėČ

#6- i donated one more bag of clothes and household stuff to charity, so that makes it 6 bags donated out of my goal of ten!

#9- organize bills and stick with a system. i’m going to go ahead and mark this as complete as i am all organized and keeping my bills up to date.

#28- i’m not even going to waste your time and mention all the places i’ve been in the past month or two. basically i’ve been to many places for wedding and baby showers. i’ve eaten out at a bunch of place, drank at a couple places, bought dresses at a couple places, etc. even though there is barely any money in my pockets, i sure as hell have been doing some spending. so lets just consider this up to date!

#29- one new to me independant business per month.
i’ve got some serious catching up to do with this goal. here goes:
may- hawthorne country club for my bestie’s wedding.
april- aspire- a new restaurant we went to for girl’s night.
march- ames pub- a new bar that we went to for michaela’s bday where all the signature drinks are named after literary figures.
february- i cannot remember the name of the place for the life of me, but i went to a local hall/restuarant for a friend’s wedding shower. it was called something so simple, like The Veteran’s Hall, but it wasn’t a VFW. i just can’t remember the name!


dumping info all over this blog.

gosh. i¬†doubt i¬†even have any readers anymore. its been so long since i¬†updated…plus, i¬†moved my blog over from blogger to wordpress¬†in october, so i’m sure that change left a few people in the dust.
is anybody out there, or am i writing this just for myself?

anyway, i’ll give you an update, but there are¬†some better¬†updates coming (with pictures!)

#9¬†i¬†have been continuously organizing the pile of bills i¬†have sitting around. i¬†just don’t seem to devote enough time to doing this though. so after i¬†put a few things away, i end up making more piles. ugh. one day.

# 13. same goes for organizing and printing my digital photos! this goal might take me a lifetime to complete! if anything it just makes me want to delete half of the pictures on my computer just so i can be done sorting through them.

# 16.¬†i¬†seriously thought i¬†made¬†a friend who was over the age of 70…but then i¬†learned this person was only 60. i¬†was wayyyy¬†off. oh well, i’ve just got to keep trying.

# 62.¬†i¬†tried to accomplish an actual nablopomo¬†in both november and december. total fail! in november i¬†got sick and almost missed the day’s deadline a thousand times. i¬†barely tried. in december i¬†gave it another shot, and i¬†was kicking ASS! and then one day (i¬†think the 14th?) i¬†totally forgot to post and didn’t realize it until i¬†went to post the day after that (the 15th?) so yeah. big failure on my part. oh well, i¬†need to do 2 more to complete this goal, so hopefully i can actually complete one of those ūüôā

#66. today i am officially on day #292 of my grace in small things challenge. you can check out the specifics on my other blog. 

#74.¬†hmm, recapping: in 2009 i¬†attended 5 red sox games at fenway¬†park. 2 i¬†already wrote about on this blog (april 17 and may 8). on 9/8 i¬†brought my best friend to fenway¬†for a “three days after my birthday sox game” on 9/16 i¬†went to fenway¬†with my grandfather and we sat right on the side of pesky pole!!! it was fantastic ūüôā it could possibly be one of my top 5 fenway¬†experiences. then on 10/1 i¬†went with another good friend to fenway. it was only her 2nd time! plus every game i¬†call her during “sweet caroline” so to actually be there and sing it with her was PRICELESS! she will absolutely be attending with me again this year! anyway for 2010 i¬†bought tickets to 5 games so far. i¬†might sell 1-2 of those games depending on whats happening in my world. i¬†also absolutely want to drive down to baltimore¬†and watch the sox play down there too. so i¬†guess i’ll just have to keep you updated.

75.¬†i’ve¬†been in the process of applying to grad school again. it makes me want to vomit. i¬†should have all my applications sent out by feb 1, 2010 which means i need to seriously work my ass off this month, because they still need a lot of work.

80.¬†i’ve¬†been attempting to wear red lipstick lately. i’ll totally try to post a picture soon.

88. and 91.¬†i’ve¬†been working my ass off so that i¬†can finally say i’ve¬†paid off all my credit cards and my car. although…its the holidays and i¬†had to buy xmas¬†presents. that doesn’t mean i¬†still didn’t kick ass at paying the bills. it just means it’s still¬†a hard process. my credit cards should be paid off in full by the end of august 2010 if i¬†can simply stick with my plan…and not charge any more! so i guess that means 8 more months of being broke!


howdy folks.
i’ve got an update for you. i’m doing big things!

#4- send flowers for no reason
i actually did not send anyone flowers since the last update. the reason i am writing about this is because i was actually going to send flowers to someone, but then i realized i had a REASON to send flowers to them. think about it. when sending flowers, there is always a reason. even if you only send them because you happen to be thinking about someone, that is still a reason!!! anyway, next time i think i will be a little easier on myself in regards to sending flowers “for no reason.”

#6- donate 10 bags of clothing, etc to charity
well, i tried to get some spring cleaning done, so as of right now, i’ve got three large trash bags filled with clothing to bring to salvation army. i haven’t brought them because i am thinking i might have one or two bags, and i figured it would be much easier just bringing them all together.

#9- i’m still working on organizing my bills.
not complete because i can only do a little at a time since i am so busy with school, but it is getting there!

#28- support local restaurants, businesses, etc.
well, i brought my niece to newport creamery to get some ice cream. she was having a sleep over at my house, so i did her makeup, let her play with my jewelry and then took her on a date. she loved it!
also, i went with my friends to a restaurant called paragon and a bar called spats. we’ve been to them before, but i am including them because they are still indep. restaurants.
i also got my nails done again, so i supported my nail tech. lol. expensive, expensive, expensive!

#35- i do not have any new pictures for the 100 pics project, but i do actually have a few ideas of pics i would like to take, so i will get started on that soon.

#43- i believe it is definitely time for my bimonthly pictures of myself.

this one above was taken at the red sox game on 4/17/09this one above was taken on 4/25/09 i was in a cleaning fit. def. a spring cleaning moment!

this one was taken today on 4/30/09 at work. thats why i look a mess!

#49- well this item is actually going to be complete next month…I’M GOING ON A CRUISE! how exciting is that? i am beyond stoked. i’m going with my best friend amy. the person she was originally going with wasn’t going to be able to make it, so i’m in! i cannot even believe how cool this is. and i’m so excited, i don’t think i could even express all my excitement. i will be going to haiti, jamaica, grand cayman and the bahamas. originally i was supposed to go to mexico, but they rerouted us to the bahamas. thank goodness. if i got the swine flu, i would probably blog even less than i do now… and i don’t want to do that!

#57- i’ve actually completed another item.
i applied for my passport. i actually had to pay double to expedite my passport, but whatever. i haven’t gotten it in the mail yet, but my check has been cashed and i don’t have any type of criminal record, so i think i will be A okay ūüôā

#62- i tried but i failed!
i did do one of my five nablopomos i wanted to do, but i failed because i missed a day. oh well, i tried. 4 more to go. lets see if i can actually pull off a real completed one before this ends!

#63- i am doing an excellent keeping up with my weekly journal writings. totally getting into a groove, and i can really appreciate looking back and seeing how much i have written. i usually write in a journal for a month or two then a whole year will go by and so many major parts of my life have not been written about. so this weekly thing is keeping me on point!

yes, that is my real journal below.

#66- grace in small things is moving along well.
today i actually wrote the 50th gist out of 365 ūüôā

#74- i went to a red sox game! yay! it was my first game of the season and i loved every single second of it. fenway park is like a second home to me. i feel so good when i am there. and i am going again next week! my brother and i are bringing our mother and other brother to a game on may 8th for their birthday presents. (my mom’s bday is actually the day of the game)

#83- i have completed my 30 straight days of vitamins challenge. so this goal is actually complete as well! i’m still taking the vitamin D until i go get my blood drawn and see the results in a few weeks. so we will see what comes of that!

#88- pay off my credit cards.
well this one is difficult. i actually didn’t get the interest rate i wanted on the loan i applied for, so i decided to just forgo the loan and pay down my cards myself. it was a limited time offer from the bank, and i guess i didn’t submit the application in time, so whatever! but since the last post, i have been doing great paying my loans off. i see a bright future ahead when it comes to getting out of debt. i think it will actually be sooner than i thought if i stick to my budget. the only thing that is screwing me is this cruise. because if you add up all the costs including excursions, miami overnight, booze, shopping, etc. i think i might spend between 1,500 and 2,000. my theory is that i’m not going on this cruise and pinching pennies. i want to go on all the excursions i possibly can…even if they are expensive. it isn’t everyday i get to climb a 600ft waterfall or helmet dive with sting rays. so if i rack up a bill, then so be it. i’m only young once. i just need to stay dedicated to this budget and i’ll have that paid off in no time. plus, i already have about 500 to go towards the trip, so i think i am in good shape ūüėČ

#90- i am doing great keeping up with my spreadsheet for bills and my budget. it is really keeping me on track. so thanks fabulously broke! its working. y’all should check her out.

#91- pay off my car loan
i wanted to introduce this item into my posts, because i am in fact paying my car off every month in this project. i get it payment automatically deducted from y bank account so i’m on track with this item. i was thinking of paying it off quicker by making extra payments, but i won’t do that until i eliminate my debt and save a large emergency fund. the interest rate is so low that i’m not worried about it at all.

and thats all folks! aren’t you so glad you know all these random facts ūüėČ

surprising myself

you know… i¬†didn’t think i was doing very well on this 101 in 1001 list.¬†i¬†was actually going to post a “i’m¬†sorry for failing miserably” blog when i¬†signed on, but then when i¬†went over my list, i¬†realized i am actually taking some pretty big baby steps. (go me!)

many of my goals are long term. for example, one of them is write¬†weekly in my journal for the entirety of the 2.75 years… so its kind of tough to “complete” that now. i¬†guess at the very end, i¬†will (hopefully) be able to say that i¬†have completed many of those long term goals.

anyway, here is my recent update for y’all. pictures will follow… i¬†don’t have my camera at work right now, so i will upload them tomorrow, and then update this post!

#9: i have been working on a bill system that i think is working pretty well so far. what i need to do is organize the past few years bills. i guess an average person is supposed to keep all their financial info for 3 years, so i have 2006, 2007 and 2008 bills to organize. i have been working on 2008, so that year is almost complete. once i finish organizing 2006 and 2007, then i will be complete. i will just have to make sure i keep up with my 2009 organization monthly.

#18 and 28:¬†i’ve¬†eaten at my 3rd new-to-me restaurant. amy¬†and i¬†went to a new sushi restaurant on mineral spring. at first i¬†loved it. its quaint and quiet and the sushi tasted wonderfully…..BUT then i¬†went to the bathroom, and the bathroom (as well as the hallway leading to the bathroom…which also led to the kitchen) was SO DIRTY. it was GROSS! after working at restaurants and bars, i¬†understand that things can’t be perfectly clean all the time. so i¬†can overlook messes here and there. usually i¬†am not the type to notice things like this. amy¬†always notices this kind of stuff, and will not want to go back to that restaurant. makes sense, but i¬†always thought it was a little drastic. anyway, back to the point. the bathroom was so gross that i¬†didn’t enjoy my food for the rest of the evening. i¬†don’t think i¬†will go back. which is too bad, because the food was so good, that i¬†would have gone frequently… but all i¬†can think, is if the bathroom was that gross, what is the kitchen like? and do the chefs wash their hands (the same hands which touch the raw sushi i¬†put in my mouth)? probably not. ewww.
#20:¬†one of my goals was to go camping with my friends. while i¬†obviously have not done that yet, i’m¬†beginning to plan it. YIPPEE!!! my friends are a hard bunch to make plans with. everyone is super busy and usually everyone has different schedules. so, i¬†february, i¬†sent an email out asking if everyone wanted to take a group camping trip this summer and mostly everyone said yes! woo hoo! now i¬†am going to research prices and then we will pick and pay for a place! sooooo¬†excited and i guess more on this later ūüôā
#29: so i¬†did continue to support an independent business last month. i went to a bar in¬†east providence (so sorry, i¬†can’t remember the name, but i¬†know it is on lion street, lol!) anyway my friend missy bartends¬†there, so me, sa, kerri¬†and amy¬†all went their for our monthly girls night out. it was interesting to say the least. there were a lot of ghetto people there. one guy tried to tell us we looked like snobs (i¬†think he was actually saying this as his own way to hit on us…) but it was fun. a dj we used to work with was actually djing there, so we danced the night away. we all also drank the night away, so it was actually really fun. it felt exactly like my sophomore year in college again! here are a few pictures of the evening!

43: so i’m¬†trying to take a picture every two weeks so that long term¬†i can see a change in myself in almost 3 years. haha.

this one above cracks me up! i¬†can’t even stand how awful/silly i¬†look in this picture. i¬†figure what the hell. i¬†might as well post “real” pictures of myself. it would be silly if i¬†posed for every one! this was taken the drunken night that i¬†wrote about in number 29. this is my “i’m¬†drunk, i¬†don’t give a shit, and i don’t believe a word you’re saying” face! it was taken 2/19/09.

this one was actually taken today. i¬†was at a stop light on my lunch break, and i¬†figured what the hell. most people hate my sunglasses, but i¬†love them, so i’m posting a pic of me wearing them!
i’m¬†not a huge fan of this one either…but it was taken at work on valentine’s day. i¬†was taking a picture of the cake i¬†made my clients, and then i realized…it is about time to take my bimonthly picture!

#46:¬†so i¬†bought the ring i¬†have been dying to buy in my favorite etsy¬†store!! i¬†guess this means i¬†completed this item… but i¬†want to buy as much as i¬†can from etsy… so i¬†am going to keep working on this goal even if it is technically completed. i’ll¬†post a pic just as soon as i get my nails done! it may sound insecure, but there is nothing like a pretty manicure to showcase a beautiful ring!
#63:¬†i’m¬†trying to write a handwritten entry in my journal once a week. i¬†try to do this on saturdays, because i’m¬†usually always working, and i¬†am also usually always posting a ‘stealing saturday” on my other blog. so i’m¬†trying to make it a habit. i’ll¬†be honest. i’m¬†not doing a very good job remembering this. most of the time i¬†forget my journal at home, so i¬†say that i¬†will write in it when i¬†get home from work… but never do. anyway. i¬†want to work harder on this, but at least i¬†have written in it 10 times (it should be 10 saturday entries), even if i write more than one a week to catch up!
#66:¬†i’ve¬†decided to be hard on myself for this one. i joined grace in small things about a month or so ago and did an EXCELLENT job in post daily. but then i¬†stopped for about a week or so. i¬†was just going to pick right back up on g.i.s.t. on #13 or whatever number i¬†was on… but i¬†decided that wasn’t fair. my #66 on this list says i¬†will write one thing (even though i¬†write 5 for g.i.s.t.) i¬†am grateful for every single day for 365 days. so i¬†am starting all over again. and i¬†will start all over every single time i¬†miss a day. i’m going to do this right. so today is GIST#1 all over again on my other blog.
#68:¬†when i¬†was scrolling through my list to see what i¬†had actually completed or worked on, i¬†was happily surprised by #68. i¬†forgot that this was on my list… and i¬†actually completed this item last week the best way possible! on march 4, 2009 i went to hope high school in providence, ri¬†to see JODI¬†PICOULT, MY FAVORITE LIVING AUTHOR, read from her new book and then do a book signing. it was my first book signing and the absolute best ever. i am still shaking with excitement about this. seriously, this was a huge event in my life. i want to be a writer like jodi¬†picoult¬†one day, so to meet her and hear her speak so conversationally to the audience was pure joy to me. she is such a down to earth, kind, intelligent, funny, normal human being. it was cool too, because her new book just came out two days before so i think we were her second stop on the book tour. it was still so fresh! oh i am so happy. and she autographed my book! ugh, joy, joy, joy! there was someone who used my camera to take a picture of me and her there, but the idiot did something funky, so the picture is just a blur. i’ll post it anyway though.

and that’s all folks! not too bad for an update where i¬†thought i was going to be disappointing! hope you are all doing well and you are happy and healthy!